• Ensuring Supply needs

    of the Government, Parastatal and the Private sector are adequately met

  • Guarantee supply of goods

    is undertaken in an efficient, economical and hassle-free manner

  • Provide a hassle-free service or delivery

    to your preferred destination

Your Multi-Industry Supply Company

"You need it / We supply it!"

Sidinga Suppliers Platform

Sidinga Suppliers was born out of the need for a single source multi-disciplinary industry supply company, as well as the understanding and frustrations associated with obtaining an array of different goods that is locally produced and manufactured, the most economical without impacting on quality, SA Construction Group set about developing a platform to address this dire expansive need.

In our young democracy it is essential for the sustainability and growth of our economy that all South African companies utilise locally produced and manufactured goods. It is becoming more and evident with all government & parastatal tenders, that “local content” is a potential non-responsive component of tender submissions.

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Sidinga will ensure that the supply needs of the Government, Parastatal and the Private sector are adequately met.

Sidinga will guarantee that the supply of goods is undertaken in an efficient, economical and hassle free manner, meeting the Clients specific requirements.

Sidinga will coordinate the development and implementing of Service Level Agreements between all stakeholders (affected parties).

Sidinga strives to continuously improve processes to positively impact on a cost effective and professional supply service environment.

Sidinga will provide a hassle-free service/delivery to your preferred destination.

Sidinga is all for … Local ... Affordable … Economical … and most importantly Quality …which equals to growth in the SA Economy and keeping SA sustainable.

Sidinga will serve with integrity.


Locally manufactured and produced goods approved by relevant bureau

Quality management systems to ensure the best practice approach

Negotiating the best possible deal and always keeping it economical for the client

“Let us not forget... SOUTH AFRICA FIRST... and... Local is lekker”

Something more

The meaning

Sidinga translates to "We Need"

What do we need?
Well, as a country (large community) we need much, so as a company in South Africa it is our duty to meets the needs of our large community wherever possible.

The concept of "we" cannot be seen in isolation and neither can "need"

"We" "Need" to supply our Country (Government, Parastatals, The Private Sector and ultimately All Who Live in Our Large Community) with what "We" all "Need" and "We" "Need" each other.

So let's work together. SIDINGA will assist you in achieving your objectives, whilst at the same time sustaining our economy.

We are SIDINGA !

Sidinga Suppliers

SIDINGA, we are your multi-industry supply company